HVAC Repair in Forney, TX

Problems with your HVAC system, even minor ones, don’t normally go away on their own. They usually get bigger and lead to more costly repairs later. When something seems off with your HVAC, have an expert come take a look right away. Protect the longevity of your system with quality HVAC repair from the experts at Premier HVAC Services.

Inefficient systems not only fail to keep you comfortable, but they can be costing you more on your monthly energy bills as well. The longer it takes for your air conditioner to cool your home or your furnace to warm it up, the more you pay at the end of the month. Regular maintenance and simple repairs can help keep your system running efficiently all year long.

Air Conditioning Repair

Keep cool in the Texas heat this summer with a well-maintained HVAC system. How can you give your air conditioner the best chance at avoiding major repair or replacement this year? Switch out the air filters every couple of months (more often if you have pets), watch for signs of breakdown, and have it tuned up in the spring by one of our qualified professionals.

Signs your air conditioner needs repair:

  • Fails to adequately cool your home.
  • Runs continually, rarely shuts off.
  • No cool air coming from vents.
  • Airflow smells bad.
  • Concerning or loud noises coming from unit.
  • Fluid leaks.
  • Energy bills have unexpectedly spiked.
  • Inconsistent temperatures throughout the home.
  • Thermostat not working.
  • Low airflow from vents.

Many of the above issues can be prevented or mitigated with regular professional maintenance. A trained technician can spot potential problems before they cause significant decreases to your system’s productivity. Small repairs during a tune-up or repair call can help your system delay replacement needs as much as possible.

The sooner you call us for AC repair, the sooner we can get your system back up and running. Continuing to run your air conditioner under less-than-ideal circumstances may age your system much faster than normal and can lead to a premature breakdown. Extreme wear and tear can cause irreparable damage to the condenser and other costly internal parts. Avoid paying more than you have to by calling the experts right away for residential HVAC repair when your unit displays signs of trouble.

Furnace Repair

Get your home winter-ready with quality furnace repair from Premier HVAC services. If your system is sluggish or simply not turning on at all, our qualified experts will come inspect, diagnose, and repair your furnace to help ensure your comfort needs are met all season long.

Give your unit a head-start by scheduling a tune-up with one of our trusted technicians. Even if everything seems fine with your furnace now, a tune-up will help it run as efficiently as possible, help you save money on your monthly heating bills, and prevent any sudden breakdowns in the middle of winter. If the technician has any concerns about the state of your furnace, they will explain repair or replacement solutions that best fit your needs and budget.

Signs your furnace needs repair:

  • Inconsistent temperatures throughout home.
  • Low airflow.
  • Runs continually, rarely shuts off.
  • Pilot light failing.
  • Thermostat not working.
  • Energy bills have spiked.
  • Carbon monoxide leak (detector beeping).
  • Burning smells coming from vents.
  • Concerning or loud sounds coming from unit.

Remember to regularly switch the air filters in your unit to help maintain adequate air flow through your HVAC. If your unit is not turning on, make sure the power switch is flipped on the unit itself, the pilot light is lit, or the breaker box switch isn’t triggered. If these steps don’t resolve your furnace issues, don’t hesitate to give us a call for emergency furnace repair. If there is a carbon monoxide leak, turn off your unit immediately, get out of the house, and call a professional right away for emergency service.

If airflow is inadequate or there are strange smells coming from your vents, this could be an issue with your ducts rather than your air conditioner or furnace. A small hole or gap in the seams could be significantly decreasing your HVAC efficiency. In this case, it won’t matter if your repair or replace your units, you will still have the same issues.

Musty smells could indicate a mold, dust, or fungal growth in your ducts. A deep cleaning should rid your system of these smells. If you suspect the issue with your heating and cooling is stemming from your ducts, a qualified furnace or air conditioning technician can inspect, diagnose, and repair the issue.

Experience our superior service and quality performance when you call Premier HVAC Services for your next air conditioning or furnace repair need.