Emergency Air Conditioning Services in Forney, TX

No one wants to sit in their home and sweat because there is no air conditioning. With the high temperatures in Texas during the summer, it’s imperative to have a working air conditioner. Yet, they can break down, and when they do, fast help may be needed. In some situations, it’ll be necessary to call for emergency AC services. At Premier HVAC Services, we offer expert AC repair services and emergency AC repair, so you can get the help you need right away for any issues. 

When is an AC Issue an Emergency?

While it’s no fun to deal with a broken air conditioner, not every issue requires emergency AC services. Some can wait for the next business day. The times to call for emergency AC repair include the following. 

It’s Extremely Hot Outside

If it’s above 90 degrees outside and the air conditioner is not working, it’s an emergency. The temperature inside the home will rise quickly, and it can become unbearably hot. Calling for emergency repairs can mean the issue is fixed fast, so the house will be comfortable once again. 

Someone in the House is Sensitive to the Heat

The elderly, babies and those who are immune-compromised may be more sensitive to excessive heat. Even if it’s not 90 degrees or higher outside, if it gets too hot inside the home, it can lead to medical complications. Emergency air conditioner repair will be needed to get the AC unit working again before anyone is hurt. 

AC is Causing Water Damage

The air conditioning can start to leak. In most cases, it is minor, and prompt repairs will mean minimal damage to the home. However, if the leak is causing water damage to the home, it may not be a good idea to wait for an air conditioner service. Emergency air conditioning repair may be needed to prevent more damage to the home. 

AC has Electrical Issues

Electrical issues can include causing the lights to flicker when the AC unit turns on, causing the breaker to trip, or causing a burning smell. At the first sign of an electrical issue, it’s a good idea to call an emergency AC company for help. Electrical issues can lead to more serious problems, like an electrical fire, so it’s never a good idea to put off the repairs. 

How to Prevent AC Emergencies

The number one way to prevent emergency repairs is through AC maintenance services. We offer routine AC maintenance services that include a thorough inspection of the system and repairs or replacements for parts that are worn or damaged. By being proactive, it’s possible to keep the system in great condition and prevent the potential for any major issues. While repairs may still be needed occasionally, it’s not as likely that the entire system will stop working. 

When to Call for Repair Services

Though emergency AC services may be needed if the system completely stops working, is causing damage to the home, or has the potential to cause more serious problems, most repairs do not require emergency services. However, it is still a good idea to call an AC company for repairs at the first sign of an issue. Some of the signs to watch out for include the following. 

  • Rapid Cycling – Rapid cycling means the system turns on and off faster than normal. This is a sign that something is wrong and that AC repair services are needed to prevent further issues. 
  • Odd Noises or Smells – Odd noises or smells from the system may indicate dirty components, which can make the system less efficient. 
  • Higher Electric Bill – If the energy costs have increased significantly compared to last year, it could be that the air conditioner isn’t as efficient. An air conditioner service can help with this. 
  • Reduced Airflow in Home – If the home is getting cold air from the air conditioner, but it’s not flowing as much as it used to, it could be a sign that air conditioner repair is needed.

Expert Emergency AC Services When You Need Help Fast

Most of the time, air conditioning repair can wait a day or two. In some situations, though, emergency AC services are needed to get the system working again immediately and protect the home or those who are living there. 

When you need help in an emergency, turn to Premier HVAC Services. We have years of experience working with air conditioners and can arrive fast when there’s an emergency. Call us today at (469)720-4539 to get the fast help you need.