HVAC Tips – Electrical Safety Checklist for Your Home

HVAC Tips – Electrical Safety Checklist for Your Home

Electricity is powerful enough to kill you – and we all know that! In fact, it’s one of the top causes of death in the U.S., accounting more than 51,000 electrical-related deaths and accidents every year. To keep your family and properties safe from electrical hazards, here are safety measures from Premier HVAC Services that you should take note.

  1. Call for Professional HVAC Inspection and Maintenance

If you haven’t called the experts for HVAC inspection and maintenance services, now is the best time to do it. A well-maintained heating or cooling system is expected to work at optimal performance throughout the year. With an expert electrical HVAC inspection and tune-up, you are free from electrical risks in Forney, TX. We inspect all HVAC components to identify and act on issues like exposed or burnt wirings, loose connections, and other existing problems on the system.

  1. Install Smoke and CO Alarms

Based on a study by ESFI, about 65% of fire deaths in residential spaces in America are due to a lack of smoke detectors. Installing smoke and CO alarms can save your lives, so make sure to get some for your home. If you already have one, test it regularly and replace the battery at least once a year.

  1. Educate Everyone at Home About Electrical Safety

Everyone in your home including the kids, should be informed about these electrical safety measures. If possible, make some rules and regulations that pertain to the use of HVAC and electrical equipment.

  1. Do a Regular Inspection on Electrical Connections

Don’t forget to check your electrical connections from cords, plugs, to outlets to prevent fires and other related accidents. Don’t place your extension cords on high traffic areas like doorways and carpets. You may install tamper-proof receptacles (TRRs) on all outlets in the house to protect children from electrical shock.

  1. Create an Emergency Escape Plan

Accidents may happen any time; especially when we least expect it. This is why you need to devise an emergency exit plan in case you were caught on fire inside the house. Here’s how to create your evacuation plan.

  • Draw a map of your house, emphasizing the exit areas like windows and doors.
  • Come up with two exit route, if possible.
  • Practice the escape plan with your family. Do it in multiple ways.
  • If anything goes wrong, call your nearest fire station for help.

For all your electrical needs in Forney, TX, Premier HVAC Services LLC has the expertise and tools to do the job right. Contact us today!