Electrical Safety Tips This Winter in Your Forney TX, Home

Electrical Safety Tips This Winter in Your Forney TX, Home

When dealing with electrical stuff at home, there should be no room for mistakes if you want to stay comfortable and safe indoors. Accidents concerning electricity can be fatal which makes it necessary to be vigilant about safety especially this time of the year. To keep you and your family safe, we have compiled electrical safety tips for winter below.

Christmas Lights

Holiday lights are designed to create a festive and happy ambiance at home. But once neglected, it can threaten your safety. Reduce the possibility of fire hazards involving Christmas lights with the following precautionary measures.

  • Use a fire-resistant Christmas tree. Never hang the lights on a dry live tree. If you wish to use the classic live tree, keep it wet and well-watered. Excess heat from the lights can spark and cause fire at any minute.
  • Check for damage on the wiring. Inspect for torn, disconnected and worn out wiring before using them.
  • Invest in LED Christmas lights. LED lights are the safest and most energy efficient lights to use.

Electric Heaters

Keeping your home warmer during winter is easier with space heaters and other types of electric heaters. Below are important reminders when using them.

  • Keep flammable materials away from the heater such as blankets, toys and anything combustible.
  • Supervise your children while playing around the heaters.
  • Inspect the plug and make sure it is in good shape.
  • Invest in overheat protection.
  • Do not plug the space heater into an extension cord or power strip.
  • Never leave the heater running overnight or when no one is at home.

Outlets, Sockets, and Switches

  • Do not overload outlets.
  • Have a professional electrician inspect all outlets
  • Never use outlets with burn or brown marks and corrosion.
  • Do a routine check on the outlets, sockets, and plugs.
  • Repair or replace worn out electrical materials to prevent all fire-related hazards.
  • Make sure all electrical equipment, appliances, and gadgets are switched off before sleeping. Appliances that are plugged for a long time may suffer from short-circuiting, resulting in fire and damage in the property.

Electrical Safety Inspection in Forney, TX

For all your electrical concerns, it is best to contact professional electricians to handle and address your needs. At Premier HVAC Services, LLC, we have certified and experienced staff to keep you safe at home on all seasons. Contact us to schedule a comprehensive electrical inspection for your residential or commercial space.