Electrical Fires in Forney, TX: Causes and Solutions

Electrical Fires in Forney, TX: Causes and Solutions

You’ll never want to deal with an electrical fire because once it hits your home, you might lose everything. So even before it happens, you should know what causes it and what should be done to prevent it. To give you a heads up, here are some of the common causes of electrical fires along with recommended solutions:

Circuit Breaker Constantly Trips

Generally, your circuit breakers are designed to turn off when they perceive a dangerous situation, such as overloading, ground fault, or short circuit. But if they shut off multiple times in a day or week, there’s obviously an underlying issue in your electrical system that needs to be addressed quickly.

Not-Too-Good Old Appliances

Your home appliances and devices aren’t like wine that gets better through time. As they age, they are more inclined to mechanical problems which can result in electrical fires. Check your old appliances for frayed and damaged wires that can cause sparks. Don’t forget to call in a licensed technician to help you out.

Damaged & Discolored Wires & Outlets

Other causes of electrical fires include damaged outlets and wires, which indicate a short circuit, overloading, misuse of electric cords, or an overextension of the electrical system. Discoloration on the wires and outlets happen due to heat buildup—and if left unchecked, this can lead to a much worse consequence.

Overloading of Extension Cords

In all things, too much is never good—just like when you’re overloading your extension cords. Your electrical appliances should not be plugged into one extension cord simultaneously, particularly high-voltage appliances like a freezer. If you have to use extension cords, be sure not to leave your devices plugged in for long hours.

To save yourself and your family from potential risk, take these precautionary steps from the experts.

  • Always read and follow the electrical safety measures indicated in your device’s manual. For items and instructions that you don’t understand, don’t hesitate to ask the manufacturer for clarification.
  • Use the right voltage recommended for the appliance or any electrical device. Be sure to check the voltage requirements before using them.
  • All electrical wirings should be properly and professionally installed. Have them inspected by experts for possible damage. Take note—faulty wiring will cause of fires.
  • Make sure that water won’t get into your electrical appliances. This can cause sparks, or worse, explosions, and electrocution, spark, or worse, explosion.

Knowing these warning signs and solutions is a great start to protect your home from the risks of an electrical fire.

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