5 Signs That Your Office Has Electrical Wiring Problems

5 Signs That Your Office Has Electrical Wiring Problems

Offices and workplaces require well-structured electrical wiring for both comfort and safety. Yet, despite having an expert electrical design, commercial buildings may still be at risk of fire and other similar problems. As office managers, it is crucial to identify electrical wiring issues ahead of time. Below are five (5) signs of complications in your electrical system.

  1. Sparks in the Outlet

Do you see sparks in the outlet whenever you plug in something? A sparking electrical outlet is caused by heat buildup, short circuits or age. Discontinue using the outlet as soon as you noticed a spark. Consult your electrician immediately for inspection and solution.

  1. Flickering Lights

A blinking or flickering light is not a normal occurrence in offices. While it is completely harmless, it may turn into a serious electrical problem over time. Why do bulbs flicker? It is the result of loose wiring connections and circuit hitches. Shut off the lights quickly once you notice it. Do not use the lights without the go-signal of a licensed electrician.

  1. Burning Smell from Appliances and Outlets

This odor is an indication of melted wire or overheated component in your appliance. Your building is more vulnerable to fire because of burned wirings. Unplug the equipment from the outlet and stop using it for the meantime. Also, avoid overloading the outlets especially those high voltage appliances.

  1. Dead Outlet

Surely, your business relies greatly on electronic devices and equipment for daily operation. But with malfunctioning outlets, it may be impossible to stay productive all day. Dead outlets could mean a tripped circuit breaker or poor circuit connection.  Report the problem to your trusted electrical partner as soon as possible.

  1. Electric Shocks

If you experienced a static shock when you touched the wires, an appliance or outlet, it could be a hazardous ground fault. Large appliances like air conditioners and heaters should be grounded as a precautionary measure. Extension cords and wires across walkways must be checked regularly for damage. Also, check if all the electrical equipment in your office is installed correctly because any mistake in the installation may lead to fire.

Any problem in your electrical system is a serious threat to you and everyone in the building. To keep a safe working environment, always ask the help of professionals to inspect, repair and maintain your electrical system in Forney, Texas. Call us at Premier HVAC Services, LLC to get started!