5 Money-Saving Maintenance Tips for Heat Exchangers

5 Money-Saving Maintenance Tips for Heat Exchangers

The heat exchanger is one of the most valuable parts of your heating system whether at home or workplace. It improves the performance of your heating system such as your furnace. When you understand its importance, it’s easier to see why you need to keep it in good shape.

Here’s how you can maintain a good performance of your heat exchangers while saving some money.

Periodic Cleaning is Required

During operation, the heat exchanger undergoes series of processes that result in fouling, and more. Without proper cleaning, the dirt, sediments, and fouling will affect your heat exchanger’s ability to work as it is designed to. This is why regular cleaning is necessary to keep the heating process going. Either an off-cleaning or chemical cleaning is effective depending on the needs or condition of the heat exchanger.

Choose the Right Design for the Heat Exchanger

The design of the heat exchange is significant in its operation. In terms of design, process parameters and the materials used are important factors to determine the lifespan of your equipment. You may opt for a plate heat exchanger for effective heat transfer, longer life, and fewer maintenance requirements.

Schedule Inspection and Tests

Not all issues in the heat exchangers are visible or noticeable. Sometimes, there are hidden problems that require a professional inspection to get noticed. Don’t think twice to call us at Premier HVAC Services for an inspection. By running some tests, we can spot unseen issues, correct and prevent them from recurring. A routine inspection is intended to detect and control issues like cracks, leaks, fouling, and other possible issues.

Ask for Professional Assistance

Maintaining heat exchangers is not something that you should do on your own. Call a licensed and certified HVAC company to perform the task. A professional maintenance service guarantees quality results that serve your money right.

Keep the Records for Future Reference

Don’t forget to file the records. Anything that happened from first to last concerning your heat exchanger must be documented. Whether you had it cleaned, repaired or replaced, make sure to keep the records and documents which should include all the details regarding the work performed by your contractor.

Make the most of your heating system this cold season by maintaining your heat exchanger. Call us at Premier HVAC Services for professional maintenance services concerning your heating system. We’re happy to serve you and keep your comfort at it’s best.