What Maintenance Should I Do on My Furnace?

We’re proud to be a trusted team of experienced technicians at Premier HVAC Services who help keep our customer homes comfortable year-round. One of the most important HVAC features, when temperatures drop, is a fully functioning furnace.

Our professional team happily takes care of repairs and furnace replacements as needed. With that being said, keeping up with a regular furnace maintenance schedule is a good way to extend the unit’s lifespan overall.

Those looking to keep their furnaces working well for years to come often wonder, “what maintenance should I do on my furnace?” That’s where Premier HVAC Services can help. We can easily provide homeowners with a furnace maintenance checklist to follow. However, annual furnace maintenance is also essential. 

A heating unit is a complex system best tuned-up by an expert with experience across all makes and furnace models. When you’re wondering, “what is furnace maintenance?” we’re here to answer the call.

What Should My Furnace Maintenance Schedule Look Like?

Typically, furnace maintenance is recommended at least once a year. An annual furnace maintenance appointment is important to make sure the system is running efficiently and successfully. If parts are breaking down due to natural wear and tear, getting ahead of the problem through a maintenance inspection can save homeowners thousands on having to replace an entire unit down the road. 

Regular maintenance appointments are also a good time for technicians to look at any areas of a furnace that might be prone to damage in the short term.  

Furnaces are also intricately linked to indoor air quality. For this reason, those that suffer from allergies are recommended to schedule their furnace maintenance anywhere from two to four times a year as a precaution.

Seasonally, fall furnace maintenance is often pinpointed as the ideal time to get your furnace tuned up. A maintenance appointment right before the cold season is a good way to ensure that a furnace is up to the task of keeping pace with the temperature fluctuations ahead. 

Consider scheduling maintenance at the beginning of the fall season to allow time for repairs or replacements before winter sets in.

What Furnace Maintenance Entails

Preventative heating service through furnace maintenance keeps everyone warm and comfortable in the home no matter the weather outside. At Premier HVAC Services, our maintenance inspection is thorough and efficient. Our team of technicians is well-trained to notice the details that matter most.

Overall, a furnace tune-up is not just a quick look over the system. Instead, It’s a close evaluation of the heating unit’s essential components. This evaluation includes any adjustments, testing, and cleaning required to keep the system running its best.

During a typical furnace maintenance appointment, our team will take time to evaluate and inspect air intake grilles to make sure the vent system throughout the home isn’t blocked. 

We’ll also closely examine the heat exchanger and blower for signs of corrosion. We’ll remove debris during this part of the inspection and clear the components to ensure a successful overall function.

Furnace maintenance also involves our technicians inspecting electrical connections and testing the blower motor. Any damaged wiring found will be tightened or replaced as needed. Maintenance standards also entail but aren’t limited to:

  • Evaluating belt damage or cracks
  • Checking and calibrating the thermostat
  • Making sure the burner and flame sensor are in working order
  • Lubricating any parts in the heating system that are jammed or slow
  • Testing the system’s safety controls

Many homeowners ask us, “what maintenance should I do on my furnace filter?” We always recommend having the air filter inspected, cleaned, and replaced regularly.

The Many Benefits of Furnace Maintenance

There are undeniably many benefits to keeping up with a regular furnace maintenance schedule. For many homeowners, regular maintenance will result in a more efficient heating system. This efficiency can help them save significantly on energy bills over time.

If you’re a homeowner who happens to have a warranty on your furnace, keeping up with maintenance is key to keeping that warranty firmly in place. Many warranty contracts require regular maintenance. 

Keeping up with the schedule is a good way to cover yourself if the system needs to be replaced or repaired within that warranty timeframe.

Sticking to a regular furnace maintenance schedule also maximizes the lifespan of a furnace. A heating unit is a big investment, and making it last as long as possible is important to many homeowners for a good reason. Regular maintenance can help a furnace last over ten years.

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