The Importance of HVAC Maintenance

Your HVAC system is a finely tuned machine, and for it to remain in excellent operating order, it needs proper maintenance. An HVAC unit does more than heat and cool your residence. It also maintains airflow, cleans the air, and keeps the pressure regulated.

What Is an HVAC Service?

An HVAC service, or tune-up, is a series of inspections and checks to verify your unit is working properly. 

How Often Do You Need an HVAC Service?

Maintenance is recommended on an annual or bi-annual basis. If you only have an air conditioner unit, have it checked in the spring. You don’t want to find out there’s a problem during the summer. Likewise, you should get your furnaces checked in the fall.

Newer units can get away with a single HVAC service per year. However, when your system reaches ten years or older, it is better to check it twice a year.

What Does an HVAC Service Include?

An HVAC service is a tune-up to the system to ensure it works properly throughout the year and typically involves the following:

Furnace Tune-Up

  • Testing switches
  • Testing elements
  • Thermostat recalibration
  • Lubrication of moving parts
  • Cleaning
  • Inspecting ductwork and pipes for leaks, gaps, and holes

Typically, HVAC companies will also check your electrical systems to ensure your unit does not overload them.

Air Conditioner Tune-Up

  • Air filter replacement
  • Straighten the coil fins
  • Clear around the unit
  • Clean the coils
  • Measure refrigerant levels

HVAC maintenance is necessary to maintain your warranty, and it’s important to keep accurate records.

HVAC systems have an average lifespan of 15 years, but they can last 20 years or longer with proper maintenance.

Benefits of HVAC Maintenance

Yes, maintaining your system does ensure proper operation and keeps the warranty valid. There are some other benefits, such as:

Reduced Utility Bill

A well-maintained HVAC system can reduce your energy bill by up to 30%. The square footage of your home, its insulation, the number and size of windows you have, and your unit’s energy type (electric, gas, or oil) all contribute to the amount of savings.

The harder your HVAC system has to work, the more fuel it expends. For example, if children run in and out of your house all the time (and open and close the door), your system has to work harder to maintain the goal temperature.

Less Chance of Repairs

There are four stages in the life of an HVAC unit一installation, maintenance, repairs, and replacement. If possible, you want to avoid or put off repairs and system replacement. The only way that will happen is by taking care of it yearly. Poor maintenance leads to more repairs. Eventually, those repairs could cost more than replacing the system.

Improved Air Quality

HVAC systems suck the air out of your home, filter it, and send it back into your home. If your air conditioner is running, it sends the warm air out of the house and brings in new air. In either case, the filtration system must be clear and clean to work efficiently.

Minimized Risk

HVAC systems that run off combustible fuel (gas, propane, and oil) emit carbon monoxide. An exhaust system moves the gas and unwanted heat to the outside, but leaks can form over time.

Non-electric furnaces require technicians to inspect carbon monoxide levels and efficiency levels. Furnaces should operate at a minimum level of efficiency一let’s say 90%. This number represents how much of the ingoing fuel source converts into heat. It also lets you know that, in the case of 90% efficiency, you lose 10% of the energy. Newer furnaces can reach efficiency levels as high as 98%.

Signs You Need a Professional Today

If you’ve noticed sounds or smells coming from your HVAC vents, it’s a good time to call a technician. An increase in the energy bill is a sign of problems, and water pooling anywhere around the pipes or ductwork could be serious.

It’s always best to start with a maintenance visit before a repair unless the blower fan stops working or the air conditioner is not producing cold air.

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