5 Steps to Take to Prepare for an AC Installation

Is your air conditioning unit on its last leg? If your cooling system has had constant repairs and still isn’t working properly, it’s likely time to have a new one installed. 

Setting up a new cooling system can be a complicated home improvement project, but taking the proper preparations makes the process much simpler for you and your HVAC technicians.

Before having a heating and cooling service like Premier HVAC Services install your new air conditioning unit, check out these five steps you can take to prepare for AC installation:

1. Declutter the Workspace for Your Technicians

Before installing new equipment in your home, you should make sure the space is clean and free of any debris. You’ll want to clear the area of any clutter so that the HVAC technicians have adequate space to work in. Having a messy space will only bring distractions for your contractors, making it harder for them to complete the job promptly. It also increases the risk of injury for your technicians. The last thing you want is your HVAC technician tripping over random objects while trying to install your new unit.

2. Measure the Area Where Your New Unit Will Be

Before having your new air conditioner installed, make sure that there is enough space for it. Your HVAC technician will likely measure the area themself, but it won’t hurt for you to take your own measurement, too. Your new system may have different dimensions than your existing one, and the space where your old unit fits may not be adequate for the new unit. If this is the case, your HVAC professionals can work with you to find the best way to install your new unit or help you choose a unit that will fit properly into your home’s space.

3. Research the New Cooling System

Ductless mini-splits, central packaged systems, evaporative coolers, and traditional split systems—there are many various types of AC units. Depending on which unit you choose, your new unit may be highly unlike your old one. (On the contrary, it could be exactly the same.) 

Before purchasing a new unit and scheduling an AC installation, do some research on the machine you are getting. Make sure that it will meet all of your family’s needs and that you’ll understand how to operate it once it’s set up. Don’t let this step discourage you from trying something new! Again, just be sure to do your research beforehand so you’re not stuck with the wrong system.

4. Assess Your Budget and Explore Financing Options

Take a look at your finances and estimate your budget before you go shopping for a new air conditioner. Can you afford the unit you want? Make sure that you have enough to cover the installation costs. If not, check with your HVAC service to see if they offer any financing options. You’ll also want to talk to your HVAC contractor about how the new unit will affect your energy costs. Will it increase or decrease your bills? If you aren’t able to afford any aspect of the new unit, you may want to consider a different cooling system that fits your budget.

5. Look at Your Schedule and Choose the Ideal Appointment

To make sure that your new air conditioning unit is installed perfectly, you’ll want to schedule your AC installation at an optimal time. Check out your schedule and determine when your home will be the least active or busy. For example, if you have small children, you may want to schedule your installation during nap or school time so that you are free to oversee the installation if you wish. In most cases, your HVAC technicians will not need your assistance, but some homeowners like to be part of the process. 

Where Can I Find AC Installation Near Me?

Are you looking to have a new air conditioning unit to be installed in your home? If you need AC installation, look no further than the experts at Premier HVAC Services. Our technicians are highly skilled and have extensive training in various HVAC services, including cooling system installation.

Our expert contractors can assess your home’s unique needs and help choose the perfect AC unit for your home. Once selected, they can work with you to install your brand new air conditioner in no time at all. We can even help you with any necessary financing options. To get the process started, give us a call today!