Problems that Call for AC Repair

It may not be the world’s biggest problem, but finding out that your air conditioner has stopped working in the middle of a Texas July is a big frustration. Fortunately, you’ve got the pros at Premier HVAC Services on your side.

When you call for an air conditioner repair appointment, one of our certified technicians will get right to work to diagnose the problem. We will show up with a fully stocked service truck so that we can be prepared for just about anything your HVAC system can throw at us.

Signs that You Need Air Conditioner Repair

Many costly AC repairs can be avoided if they are caught early on. It can be difficult to notice problems when your air conditioner is tucked away in the attic or a utility closet. AC repair isn’t something that most homeowners think about until the cool air stops blowing.

But if you know what signs to look for, you might be able to recognize a problem while it is still minor. If you notice any of these warning signs, call Premier HVAC Services right away:

  • Inconsistent temperatures throughout the house, including hot or cold spots
  • Bad smells, especially mold or mildew
  • Loud or unusual noises like clanging, banging, or squeaking
  • Leaking around AC unit (this could be toxic refrigerant, so call immediately)
  • The thermostat stops working or the air conditioner turns off and on by itself
  • Energy bills increase without changes in usage
  • AC is blowing warm air or an insufficient amount of air
  • Indoor humidity levels are rising and are unrelated to weather
  • Allergies, asthma, or other respiratory issues worsen

Schedule a service appointment with Premier HVAC Services if you suspect your air conditioner isn’t working as well as it used to. Our skilled technicians can quickly diagnose the problem and have your AC running smoothly again in no time.

Most Common Reasons for AC Repair

Like any appliance, an air conditioner has many moving parts, which means that several things can go wrong. The best way to avoid costly emergency repairs is to schedule regular HVAC maintenance with Premier HVAC Services.

Even the most well-maintained units can eventually need repair. Fortunately, many problems are simple and can be resolved in a single service call.

Refrigerant Leaks

Leaking refrigerant can be a sign of a serious problem. Only certified HVAC technicians can determine whether the leak is fixable and act to replace or drain AC refrigerant. Do not touch or try to collect AC refrigerant. It is toxic and could be dangerous to you and your family members.

Drainage Problems

Your AC unit removes humidity from the air that condenses into water. The water is then emptied outside your home through a drain system. If the drain pan becomes clogged with debris, it can cause a backup. Not only does poor drainage affect the efficiency of the unit, but clogged drains can also cause water damage inside your home.

Broken Compressor Fans

The compressor fan is responsible for moving heat away from the unit and your home. If the fan is broken or not working correctly, it will decrease the efficiency of your AC system and potentially cause it to overheat.

Frozen Evaporator Coils

Evaporator coils have the job of capturing heat from the air. If the coils become too cold, a layer of ice can build up on the outside of the coils and result in a lack of airflow.

Sensor Issues

Some AC units have thermostat sensors built-in. If the sensor isn’t functioning correctly, it won’t measure the airflow properly. The skilled technicians at Premier HVAC services are trained to check and adjust sensors when necessary.


Corrosion can interrupt the communication between terminals and wires inside your AC unit, causing it to turn off and on by itself.

Dirt and Debris

Believe it or not, many of the repair problems we encounter at Premier HVAC Services are really cleaning problems. Dust, pollen, pet hair, leaves, and other kinds of debris can sneak into almost every part of your air conditioner, causing the system to clog, work inefficiently, or not work at all.

The best way to avoid these types of repairs is to schedule regular maintenance with one of our experts. A yearly cleaning and tune-up will extend the life of your appliance and may just prevent expensive repairs down the road.

AC Repair Near Me

When you’re looking for reliable air conditioning repair in the Forney area, look no further than Premier HVAC Services. We provide dependable, friendly HVAC services to residents of Forney and the surrounding towns.

Our team members are knowledgeable in the field of AC repair, and we are proud to be a part of our community. Every service appointment we make is an opportunity to build a positive relationship. Call us today for all your heating and cooling needs.