Seven Reasons to Get an AC Tune-Up Now to Prepare For the Hot Months

When the sun arrives and begins chasing away the chill and snowstorms are replaced by spring showers, you may be spending your time digging in the newly thawed ground, cleaning the dust off of your bookshelves, and planning your summer activities. It is true that both you and your home often need refreshing after a long winter, and in the same way, your air conditioner also needs to be revitalized after sitting for months in disuse. An AC Tune-up is spring cleaning for your AC and should be done each year before the hot months arrive and you find yourself turning it on every day. Here are seven rock-solid reasons for you to get a tuneup this spring.

Reason #1: Protect Your Warranty

Have you checked the fine print of your air conditioner warranty in awhile? If not, you may want to read through it to make sure you are doing everything you can to keep this warranty valid. Most limited warranties stipulate that in order for you to receive free parts or services during the life of the warranty, you must schedule regular maintenance with a licensed HVAC company. If you go too long without having an AC repair or a checkup, you may risk voiding your warranty. A good way to make sure this doesn’t happen is to look at how frequently your warranty requires you to get service for your system, and then make a point of adding it to your regular list of springtime home maintenance tasks.

Reason #2: Keep Your Air Clean

There is something wonderful about opening your doors and windows and letting fresh, warm air into the home after months of having to keep your home insulated from the freezing temperatures outside. Filling your home with clean air is also much easier if you aren’t pumping dusty and musty air back into the home through an air conditioner that hasn’t been cleaned in several years. With an air conditioner tune-up, your AC is receiving everything from a new filter to a wipedown of any areas that have collected dust over the year. This will ensure that you are not circulating polluted air, and it will help to cut down on the seasonal allergies that can appear with the first buds on the trees.

Reason #3: Save Money

If you are saving up for a family vacation this summer, investing a small amount of money now can be a good way to ensure that you don’t have to dig into your vacation fund for an unexpected AC repair near me. A tune-up can help you save money in three different ways. First, during a tune-up, every part of your system is checked from your condenser coils to the electrical connections. Some components are lubricated to prevent wear and tear, and everything is checked to make sure it is in good condition. This means that you will be far less likely to have to call for a repair during the summer.

Second, tune-ups improve the efficiency of your system. Each time your AC turns on, it begins to use up energy and continues to do so until your home reaches the right temperature. If your system is running inefficiently, it will have to run for longer before your home is cool enough for it to cool off. However, when your AC has had a tune-up, it can blow out cold, strong air that will cool your home quickly and allow your unit to have more time to rest. This will result in lower energy bills and more money in your savings.

Third, because your air conditioner is not having to run constantly as a result of its own inefficiency, it will also last much longer. Even with repairs, your system only has a limited amount of hours that it will run before a replacement becomes necessary. Overtaxing the unit will only make this happen sooner, and it probably won’t happen at a time that is convenient for you.

Reason #4: Ensure Safe Operation

Most air conditioners use a refrigerant such as R22 (Freon) or R410A (Puron) to cool the air in your home. While R410A is a better choice for the environment, like other refrigerants, it is not a safe substance for people or animals to come into contact with. Additionally, your air conditioner is likely to be powered by electricity which is a dangerous force when not harnessed properly.

As time passes, erosion can cause refrigerant leaks, and electrical connections can become loose. Both pose dangers to you and your family, so they should be taken care of quickly. During a tune-up, electrical connections are checked and tightened to prevent malfunction, and your system is checked for holes, corrosion, and other causes of Freon leaks. Checking for hazards each year can make you much more confident in the safety of your system.

Reason #5: Plan Ahead

When an air conditioner breaks down and an HVAC technician recommends an immediate replacement, this can come as an unpleasant surprise to many families. However, a replacement is something you can plan for over the course of several years with the help of a trustworthy technician, and you can avoid the shock of suddenly having to pay $5,000 or more for an air conditioner installation.

If you have your AC checked every spring, you will have valuable information about your unit including how old the system is, the condition of the system as a whole, the condition of individual components such as the evaporative coil and condenser fan motor, and an estimate of how long your unit is expected to last. When you know this information, you can save for major repairs or an eventual replacement.

Reason #6: Enjoy Efficient Operation

If your ductwork is built well and your AC is in good condition, every single room with a vent should stay at a comfortable temperature all summer long. However, if your air conditioner isn’t working properly or if your vents are clogged with dust or other obstructions, your air conditioner may not provide even and consistent cooling. Instead, you may find that some rooms in your house are cooler than others. You may also notice that the air coming from your vents isn’t as icy cold as you would like, or is coming out weakly, and your system is having to run continuously to make up for its inadequacy.

A tune-up is much more than a filter change. The technician also checks the refrigerant level to make sure the air blowing out of your vents is icy cold. They also inspect the ducts to find any places where cold air is leaking, make sure air is flowing evenly to all parts of the home, and look for mineral deposits or dust that are slowing down the operation of your AC.

Reason #7: Give Your AC a Longer Life

Most AC brands advertise a ten-year lifespan for the units that they build and sell. While this is a reliable number for planning purposes, it is also something that you can improve upon with regular care and maintenance. Many homeowners find that they can make their systems last several years longer simply by making sure mechanical parts are lubricated, small parts are repaired or replaced over the years, and nothing is becoming corroded or dirty.

Why Should I Get a Tune-Up in Spring?

As with many mechanical things such as a car or a generator, your AC may sometimes suffer from sitting still for months without operating. Other factors such as cold temperatures can have an effect on your system. Having a tune-up in the spring before you even turn on the system can be a good way to make sure nothing was negatively impacted by the cold weather and that the dust of winter is removed. Some people choose to have their systems serviced at the end of the summer or twice a year in both the spring and fall, but spring is the time that many technicians recommend this service.

A yearly maintenance appointment is like a gift that you give both to yourself and your AC every spring. It is an indispensable part of caring for your HVAC system, and the rewards of this care are reaped every time your AC turns on to cool your home. When you schedule a springtime tune-up, you are saving money on repairs and daily operation, extending the lifespan of your system, keeping the air in your home clean, ensuring the safety of the electrical and refrigerant components of the unit, and much more.

If your air conditioner has gone several years without having a tune-up, it is not too late to begin planning to include annual springtime service in your list of spring maintenance. So after you dig out your gardening tools and vacuum under the couch, take the time to call your HVAC technician and schedule a tune-up for your air conditioner.