The one that controls the functions of your heating and cooling system is the thermostat. They act as the brain while zoning is the muscle. Premier HVAC Services has a wide range of up-to-date thermostats and zoning products to keep you comfortable in your home while boosting your savings.


Thermostats play an important role in the operation of your heating and cooling system.  Aside from bringing your home to a set temperature, programmable thermostats can also be used to manage the indoor environment for a specific time of the day or week. This brings great benefits to your savings as it reduces the overall energy consumption of your home. We carry a complete line of thermostat products. We can help you choose which one will best fit the demands of your unique home.

Residential Zoning Products

Zoning means dividing your home into areas with equal demands on heating and cooling. The temperature the house is controlled independently from one room to another using multiple zone thermostats and sensors. This brings increased energy savings in your home and much better comfort. Get in touch with our professionals for in-home evaluation and estimate.

Nest Thermostat

Nest thermostats are new generation thermostats with helpful features that can lead you to great savings and improved comfort. If you frequently leave your home and forget to change the temperature, a Nest thermostat is just what you need. It learns your schedule, programs itself and allows you to manage the setting via your smartphones. With proper use, it can dramatically reduce your energy expense by up to 20% as compared to the 11% savings with a programmable thermostat. Nest thermostats can remember your preferred temperature and create a schedule for you. Call us for complete and proper installation of Nest thermostats.