Why Is My Furnace Blowing Cold Air?

Why Is My Furnace Blowing Cold Air?

Your furnace is running, yet you’re shivering! Obviously, this isn’t how your furnace is supposed to work. When turned on, it should be blowing toasty warm and comfortable air—perfect for the cold season. So, what’s exactly going on with your heating system?

Check out these five (5) reasons why your furnace is blowing cold air.

Filters are Dirty and Clogged

An overly clogged air filter restricts the flow of air into your furnace, causing it to overheat. Once the safety control system detected overheating, it will automatically shut off the burners. When this happens, your furnace will release nothing but cold air.

We always recommend homeowners to keep an eye on their filters and replace them as needed.

Your Thermostat is at the Wrong Setting

When your furnace isn’t functioning as it is designed, the next thing to check is the thermostat. You want to make sure that it is set correctly—particularly in AUTO. When set to ON, your furnace’s fan will blow continually even when it’s not actually heating the air.

It Ran Out of Gas

If your furnace isn’t getting enough gas from the main gas line, it won’t provide warm air either. Inadequate gas supply can cause your system to lock down for safety measures. Be sure to relay the problem to your gas supplier for proper actions.

Pilot Light Has Gone Out

A furnace that’s blowing cold air is the result of an issue with the pilot light. It’s possible that the pilot light has gone out and just needs to be re-lighted. With this, you will need the help of an HVAC technician or a local utility company to make sure it’s lit safely.

It’s Just Your Ducts!

Leaks and large holes in your ductwork could be causing your furnace to act up. Instead of the warm air getting into your crawlspace, attic, and other parts of the house, it escapes through the holes and gaps. This is why it’s important to have your air ducts checked, cleaned, and maintained—just like your furnace.

Many furnace issues are avoidable if regular cleaning and maintenance are scheduled. If you haven’t scheduled a service yet, fall is the best time to do so. Schedule an appointment with our heating experts at Premier HVAC Services today. We’re here to offer budget-friendly and quality heating services in Forney, TX and the surrounding areas.