What To Do If You Have A Red-Tagged Furnace

What To Do If You Have A Red-Tagged Furnace

What could be your worst nightmare this cold season? It’s probably when your furnace received a red tag during a system or utility inspection. This is a situation that no homeowner in Terell, TX wants to be in. But what should you do when your furnace has been red tagged? Read this post to find out!

What Does a Red Tag Mean?

Commonly known as a product warning tag, a red tag is placed by a certified and licensed technician on a gas appliance indicating that the system is no longer safe to use. The technician turns off the gas as required by law to protect the homeowners from the risk of fire.

Why Does Your Furnace Get a Red Tag?

Red tags are issued on HVAC systems or any appliance upon identifying a hazardous issue. There are some problems associated with a red warning tag which include a cracked or broken heat exchanger, fire and electrical hazards, carbon monoxide leak and improper combustion. These are serious furnace issues that are potentially fatal if not given an immediate solution.

Things to Do With a Red-Tagged Furnace

A red tag on your furnace signifies a critical issue on the system that requires professional attention. If yours is red-tagged, there are viable options that can solve the problem such as the following:

  • Heat Exchanger Replacement

Replacing the heat exchanger is one way of dealing with red tags. Just like your air conditioning unit that cannot operate without a compressor, your furnace will not work without its most essential component which is the heat exchanger. Make sure that the replacement is covered by warranty to avoid unnecessary expenses.

  • Professional Repair Service

Heat exchangers are quite expensive to replace, so others opt to hire licensed technicians for a repair service. All you need to find is the best HVAC contractor to do the job while ensuring quality results.

  • Purchasing a Whole New Furnace

Investing in a new furnace is another effective solution. If you believe that the first two options are not long-term solutions for a red-tagged furnace, then a new system might provide the best outcomes.

Red-Tagged HVAC System? Contact Premier HVAC Services, LLC

If you are having a problem with a red-tagged heating or cooling system, our specialists will be happy to inspect your system. We offer various options that ensure safety and credible results over time.  Call us!