Is It Time to Replace Your Air Conditioner? These Signs Can Tell

Is It Time to Replace Your Air Conditioner? These Signs Can Tell

If you live in Forney, TX, you know that you are in the height of summer, and this is the perfect time for you and your family to enjoy all the good things of the season. But one thing you may not realize these warm months is the importance of understanding your air conditioner’s age and condition. If your A/C experiences frequent breakdown and repair, a unit replacement can be of great advantage.

Not sure when to replace your unit? Here are the common signs that your old air conditioner needs to retire from service.

Your A/C Unit is Too Old

The age of your cooling system is the first factor to consider when deciding to replace the unit. An air conditioner is ideally designed to last up to ten years and can be changed when it reached that age. Begin planning for eventual replacement if your unit is about to touch its lifespan.

Sudden Increase in Energy Bills

One good reason to replace your A/C is when you notice that it frequently causes your energy bill to increase beyond your normal monthly rate. If your unit has gone through multiple repairs but still nothing happened, perhaps there’s something in the unit that stops it from running efficiently. Replace it with a new one, instead! It is better to go for a one-time hefty investment than suffer from long-term, costly expenses.

Defective Parts that Frequently Call for Service

There is nothing more stressful than suffering from a hot night because your A/C unit fails again. If your comfort is always compromised, do not settle for anything less than you deserve. Replace your unit immediately! While replacement sounds more costly than repair, you will realize that it’s the most cost-efficient option in the long run. Just think of those expensive service calls that can add up quickly.

Home Expansion

While other reasons to replace your A/C obviously talks about its condition or age, this one is often overlooked. The way your unit works in providing optimum comfort depends on the size of the space covered by its capacity. A small unit can only cool down small spaces. If you made a major addition to your home or room, your current air conditioner may no longer be sustainable. Re-evaluate your comfort needs and reinstall a new unit for a new, larger space.

Here at Premier HVAC Services, LLC, it is important for us that your A/C runs efficiently to provide you and your family the comfort you deserve while lowering your energy consumption. If you are not sure about your A/C’s current condition, we can come to your place and conduct a complete inspection. Contact us for more information!