How to Prevent Arguments Over the Thermostat This Holiday

How to Prevent Arguments Over the Thermostat This Holiday

With the holiday season just around the corner, many local homeowners in Forney, TX are finding themselves arguing at the thermostat setting. While some like it cold, others prefer it warm or hot.

If this is the case, there will surely be an on-going battle at home in keeping everybody comfortable. Here’s how to prevent arguments and fights over your thermostat.

Program the Thermostat at Different Settings

If you haven’t switched to a programmable thermostat, then now is the best time to do so! With this device, you can adjust or lower the thermostat during the night—making it ideal for cold-natured members of the family to cuddle under their winter blankets. It also allows you to set different temperatures throughout the day. With a programmable thermostat, you can choose a temperature setting at a specific time of the day that’s suitable for whoever happens to be at home.

Upgrade to a Zoned HVAC System

Zoning can eliminate the arguments within the family over the most comfortable temperature for your home. A zoned system allows you to select a temperature that best suits your bedroom, the kitchen, and other areas of the house. Also, zoning reduces the possibilities of hot and cold spots, thus creating a peaceful and comfortable atmosphere in your home.

Maintain the Right Humidity Level

The truth is—it’s not just the thermostat setting that can affect your indoor temperature. This holiday season, adding moisture into the air offers a great benefit to your comfort level. Ideally, your home’s relative humidity level that’s best for winter is around 45%. When the moisture content of your indoor air falls under the recommended level, you’ll feel cooler—even with your furnace working all day.

Eliminate Air Leaks and Drafts

Air leaks and drafts can make your home uncomfortable—even the thermostat setting is correctly set. But by properly insulating and sealing your home, you won’t have to argue with your thermostat setting because proper insulation alone will keep your home comfy and cozy this Christmas season! Contact your Forney, TX HVAC contractor today to schedule an inspection.

Choosing the ideal temperature inside your home becomes challenging when one or another prefers a different setting than what you feel comfortable. But if you follow these tips above, there will only be peace, comfort, and love at home these holidays!

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