Beat the Heat: 5 Air Conditioning Tips This Summer

Beat the Heat: 5 Air Conditioning Tips This Summer

The scorching heat of summer can make your A/C unit work like a dog. Do not compromise your comfort with an unworkable air conditioner these warm months. Premier HVAC Services, LLC offers this five (5) easy and simple tips for a relaxed summer season.

  1. Remove Dirt around Your Outdoor Unit

The air that goes into your home is processed by the outdoor unit. But with clusters of dirt, dust, leaves, and debris, the condenser may blow dirty air inside the house without warning. This is why it is important to keep a dirt-free outdoor unit for maximum comfort this summer. Remove anything that can get in the way such as large furniture, grass, bushes and more. Doing a deep cleaning is a key.

  1. Clean Out/Replace Your Air Filters

The dirtier and dustier your home is, the more dirt your air filters can get.  If this continues, some parts of the system might freeze up, break or malfunction. And worse, your A/C unit may break down in the midst of summer which can be a real disaster. Investing in a new and clean air filter ensures a heavy-duty system and healthy air for the family. Have this done every three months for best results.

  1. A/C Care for All Season

Do not wait until your air conditioning system fails before having a maintenance or tune-up service. How often should you upkeep your system? Maintaining your A/C unit is not like opening an umbrella only when needed. A/C care must be done all season. Make sure to address every problem in the unit as soon as you detect them.

  1. Learn to Read Your System

Just like books, you must learn to read your cooling system. Keep reminding yourself of your responsibility of maintaining its normal condition to ensure a comfortable home all year-round. Usually, your system will show early signs of breakdown so you should identify them sooner as they arrive. By catching the issue as quickly as possible, you will save yourself from sudden failure of your system this season when you need it most.

  1. Seek Out Professional Help

Running your air conditioner calls for the experts. Regardless of the brand and design of your unit, it requires pampering and professional touch. Take note that your A/C unit is not something that you can work on by yourself. Neglecting professional air conditioning services can put your equipment, money and home in big trouble.

Need more air conditioning tips to stay cool this summer? Premier HVAC Services, LLC offers complete HVAC services from inspection, repair to maintenance. Contact us today for expert heating and cooling services.