7 Questions to Ask Potential HVAC Contractors

7 Questions to Ask Potential HVAC Contractors

Finding the right HVAC contractor can be daunting and risky at the same time. While having a high-performance heating and cooling equipment matters, it’s more important to hire a certified and trustworthy professional to maintain your system.

When shopping around for a reliable HVAC contractor, it’s vital to know what exactly you are looking for. Here are seven (7) questions to ask every contractor before hiring one.

  1. Is the company licensed?

Not all HVAC contractors require a license to run a business, but it depends on the state/region/country you live. In Texas, they implement certain rules and qualifications for technicians and contractors to operate. A licensed contractor is one who passed the examinations and training to verify their expertise of the job. Certifications and licenses ensure that you’re working with a legal, insured and professional company.

  1. How long has the company been in the business?

You’ll know if the contractor is reliable depending on their length of service in the industry. Considering the years of expertise, it’s vital to choose established companies that have a strong standing in the business. Reputable companies can give you a better warranty on HVAC services.

  1. Are there good reviews about the company?

When looking for a credible HVAC company, you also need to look up helpful reviews online. You may visit trusted review websites like Yelp, Google, BBB and Angie’s List. Learn what other customers say about the company and use the reviews as one of your references for your choice.

  1. Does the business offer emergency services?

What if your furnace or air conditioner broke down in the middle of the night? Can you rely on your HVAC contractor for emergency repair? Make sure to ask your contractor if they provide services during emergencies.

  1. Are the products and services under warranty?

A reputable heating, ventilation and air conditioning company will give guarantees of their products and work. Thus, see to it that your choice offers a warranty on all their services.

  1. What kind of tools or equipment do they use?

In checking, fixing and maintaining heating and cooling systems, your contractor should guarantee their legitimacy through their tools and equipment. Do they wear a proper uniform? Do they have vehicles for emergency repair services?

  1. Does the company provide a preventive maintenance contract?

When dealing with HVAC repairs, a preventive maintenance contract is extremely important. The agreement offers you regular inspection and maintenance to make sure that your system is working proficiently throughout the year.

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