7 Practical Energy Saving Tips This Spring

7 Practical Energy Saving Tips This Spring

As warmer temperature sets in, you are surely looking for ways to save on your air conditioning bills, aren’t you? For smart homeowners like you, here are seven (7) easy and practical tips to improve your comfort while saving some bucks on your energy bills.

  1. Open Doors and Windows

Embrace the beauty of spring by letting the cross-wise breeze come through your doors. It cools your home naturally without turning on your air conditioner.

  1. Switch On Your Ceiling Fans

When temperatures are mild, it’s the best time to use ceiling fans instead of your A/C unit. Cooling your home has never been cost-efficient as using ceiling fans. It helps lower your cooling bills.

  1. Invest in Window Treatments

Window attachments including films, shades, and blinds are accessories that serve an important purpose. They reduce heat gain inside your home when the temperature begins to rise. Window treatments do not only improve your home’s aesthetics but also increase your comfort.

  1. Cook Outside (If Applicable)

If you could use an outdoor grill for cooking instead of your indoor ovens, then better do so. By cooking outside, you can keep the heat out of your house during the warmer days.

  1. Keep The Cool Air In

One of the ways to keep cool air indoors is by sealing the ducts and cracks. Air loss on ductwork accounts about 30% of your cooling system’s energy usage. Thus, with proper sealing and duct insulation, you can convert the thirty percent to cash saved.

  1. Set Your Thermostat Correctly

Be sure to set the thermostat at the right temperature for greater savings. Maintain a cold temperature at 68 degrees when you’re at home, but adjust the setting higher once you’re out. When no one’s using the air conditioner, it’s best to keep the thermostat setting to 78 degrees Fahrenheit.

  1. Service Your A/C Unit

Nothing combats the warm weather better than an air conditioner does. Thus, to ensure your comfort and convenience throughout the hot season, you have to keep your air conditioning unit at top shape. Call a professional A/C contractor to inspect, repair (if needed), and maintain your air conditioner.

Take note, keeping your indoors cool does not have to be fancy and expensive. Cooling your home doesn’t always require an air conditioner either. Follow these tips from Premier HVAC Services for cost-efficient ways of cooling your Forney, TX home this spring and summer. Contact us for more tips today!