6 Clever Ways to Save on Winter Heating Cost

6 Clever Ways to Save on Winter Heating Cost

We all want to be eco-friendly and frugal. But as the temperature gets colder each day, we can’t help but run our heating system constantly and use more energy. During the winter months, your heating bills can be high and compromise your budget in your Forney, TX home.

If you want to save on heating costs, take a peek at these clever tips below:

Run Ceiling Fans in Reverse Direction

If your ceiling fans have a reverse switch or button? Take advantage of this feature as it can keep the warm air where you need it. The reverse button allows the blades to push the air downward. Therefore, as the warm air rises, the fan will push it back to your living space.

Cuddle Up in Your Blanket

We bet you want to cuddle! Instead of turning the heat on, gather up all your blankets and put them in a decorative basket then place them in your entertainment room. It’s a smart way to stay warm at home while watching your favorite movies or shows. Let’s see how much you can save by month-end.

Reinforce Your Insulation

A lot of heat could be lost due to poor insulation, especially for older houses in Forney, TX. Reinforcing your home insulation helps save you from heating woes. Consider getting it done as early as fall to prevent any inconveniences during the peak season.

Take Shorter Showers

Did you know that showering takes about 2/3 of your water heating costs? Saving on energy means cutting your shower time! Water conservation can greatly help reduce your heating bills by about 33%, so minimize your lingering time on the shower starting today.

Modify Your Thermostat at Night

Don’t forget to turn your thermostat down at 10 to 15 degrees at night time. Setting your thermostat at these temperatures helps lower your energy consumption while keeping you comfortable in your sleep.

Take Advantage of the Oven’s Heat

Make the most of the heat from your oven by leaving it open for a few minutes after turning it off. Do this every time you are finished cooking and you’ll surely save a significant amount on your energy bills.

Stay warm while getting big savings on your heating cost this winter! Take these smart energy-saving tips from Premier HVAC Services, LLC to ensure that no amount of money is wasted on paying high energy winter bills.

Talk to our experts for more clever ways on how to save energy in your Forney, TX home.