5 Tips For Using Your Nest Thermostat

5 Tips For Using Your Nest Thermostat

It may seem foreign to use a Nest thermostat the first time. But do not fret; you’ve got plenty of useful and handy features to play with. Unlike other types, nest thermostats have intelligent capacities designed for convenience, comfort, and energy efficiency.

Learn to use your nest thermostat to its full potential with these expert tips.

  1. Energy Preservation and Temperature Safety

Nest thermostats have three (3) built-in features that protect your home and conserve energy.

  • Eco Mode

When you select the eco mode setting, your home will cool or heat at the most energy-efficient temperature. A green leaf appears on the thermostat once it is set to eco mode.

  • Safety Temperatures

Nest thermostats come with safety temperature features that overrule the settings and schedules to protect your home from severe cold and heat. Even when you set the thermostat to “OFF,” it will still keep your home cool or warm within the safe temperature set.

  • Home/Away Assist

Once the thermostat sensed that you are away from home, the setting will automatically change to eco mode. Home/Away Assist can detect your presence through your thermostat’s activity sensors and phone’s location. Therefore, you will not be wasting any amount of energy even when you forgot to adjust or turn off your thermostat before leaving home.

  1. Schedule Features

Nest thermostats can learn your temperature schedules and recall them every time you make changes in the temperature.  It creates a basic and solid schedule of your desired temperature.

  1. Nest Mobile App

The best thing about having a nest thermostat is its nest mobile app. While the thermostat is connected to the WIFI, you can control the temperature wherever you are using the app. However, not all settings can be adjusted using the app. Other necessary settings need to be modified on the thermostat itself.

  1. Thermostat Voice Control

It is a lot more convenient knowing that you can control your Nest thermostat with voice command. You can make adjustments in the settings by allowing the device to recognize your voice.

  1. Sunblock Feature

Is your thermostat located near the windows? If yes, you may turn on the Sunblock feature to allow the thermostat to give correct readings of the temperature. This feature offers great savings on your energy bills as your HVAC system will not be overworked due to incorrect thermostat readings.

Check out the features of your nest thermostat to make the most of it. If you are having trouble using the device, we are here to guide you. Call our experts at Premier HVAC Services, LLC for assistance. Contact us to set an appointment.