5 HVAC Tips That Will Save You Money This Fall

5 HVAC Tips That Will Save You Money This Fall

Cooler temperature means your air conditioner can finally rest a bit—and maybe, you’re starting to think of turning on your heating system. This fall, it’s important to know how you can cut your HVAC costs.

Here are five (5) things you can do today to prepare your heating system while saving more bucks for the new season ahead.

Invest in New Filters

A clean filter keeps your furnace’s internal components working efficiently and smoothly. When your existing filters aren’t functioning as expected, replacement is the best solution. Changing the filters by the end of summer helps your system operate in full swing, giving you fresh and healthy air at home while cutting your heating costs.

Give Your Ductwork a Deep Clean

With dirty and clogged ducts, your heating system won’t work at its best. If not properly maintained, your ductwork could breed all sorts of dirt and contaminants like mold, dust, and pests. Make a thorough assessment of your air ducts and eliminate unnecessary elements that can clog it. This way, you can save your unit and house from potential damage.

Level Up! (We Mean—Upgrade Your Thermostat)

The transition from summer to fall could be tough for your heating unit, so you need a high-performance thermostat to regulate your home temperature efficiently. As the season changes, it might be hard for your thermostat to bring in the right level of comfort at home. But with a smart thermostat, it’s a lot easier and more economical to regulate heating while you’re in or away from the house.

Get Your Thermostat The Best Location

Location is an essential factor for optimal performance of your thermostat. If it’s placed somewhere that can reduce its efficiency, your heating system might have to work harder and longer than it needs to. Make sure it’s in the best location to maximize your indoor comfort.

Buy a Ceiling Fan (Why Not?)

If you think a ceiling fan is just another expense, you’re right—but it’s a worthy expense. Your furnace or heat pump doesn’t have to do all the work to make you feel comfortable. Ceiling fans enable the warm air to circulate freely and evenly throughout the house, without leaving hot or cold spots in any areas.

As we go into the new season, it’s vital that your HVAC system is well prepared for the job. If you want more helpful tips, tune in to us at Premier HVAC Services. Feel free to visit our blog page or contact us for your comfort needs in Forney, TX.