5 Humidifier Benefits for Winter

5 Humidifier Benefits for Winter

The indoor air becomes too thin to breathe in the winter months which can be quite bothersome. When it gets too cold, the air may dry up and cause trouble to your skin, health and overall comfort. Thinking about how you can prevent and solve winter-related problems? Simply get a humidifier for your home and discover the following benefits that it offers.

Better Health

With a humidifier at home, you become less prone to cold, flu, germs and airborne viruses. A recent study shows that maintaining at least 43% of humidity levels indoor can make about 85% of air contaminants ineffective and futile. Having enough moisture in the air makes air particles too heavy to move thus, preventing the spread of allergens and illnesses.

Healthier Skin

Our body requires 50 – 60% of water to remain hydrated. But with dry conditions during winter, this percentage is compromised, leaving the skin dry, itchy and irritated at times. Every human body needs a sufficient amount of water to function properly hence, running a humidifier can add extra moisture in the air to prevent the skin from peeling and drying out.

Warmer Home

Nobody wants to cope with the uncomfortable symptoms of winter like the flu and a runny nose. With this, air humidifiers are at the rescue. Warm air reduces the possibility of winter-related illnesses. When the air feels warmer, you can also lower your thermostat to conserve energy and get greater savings on utility bills.

Safer Electronics

Had any idea about static electricity? It is one of the worries of many homeowners during the winter months. A spark of static electricity can cause serious damage to sensitive electronics and devices like computers.  A properly humidified indoor air limits and prevents the damages caused by this electricity thus, securing your safety and comfort.

Long-lasting Wood Furniture

Do you know that humidifiers can prevent damage to wood furniture? You heard it right. Dry air can leave cracks and gaps to wood fixtures. The joints may loosen particularly on wood doors and floors. A humidifier ensures the right level of moisture in the wood. Keeping the right humidity level secures a long lifespan of your wood belongings.

A humidifier is a great tool to keep these dry winter months. To enjoy these amazing benefits, get one for your Forney, TX home before winter comes. Have any questions about humidifiers and your HVAC system? Call us at Premier HVAC Services, LLC today.