4 Tips to Save Money When Using Your Central Air Conditioning System

4 Tips to Save Money When Using Your Central Air Conditioning System


One way to cool your home this summer is through a central A/C unit. And to make the most of it, you should use it correctly to stay comfortable indoors while spending less money on utility bills throughout the season.

Cut your energy costs with these expert tips from Premier HVAC Services, LLC.

See the Location of Your Thermostat

Take a quick look at your thermostat and see where it is placed. Is it correctly mounted to where it should be? No matter how hard you are trying to cool your indoor space, you will not achieve the level of comfort you want with an incorrectly positioned thermostat.

The sensor installed in your thermostat can easily recognize the temperature in your home. It can detect if the temperature is higher than the normal, especially if the thermostat is placed under a direct source of heat or sunlight. As a result, the thermostat will adjust to the temperature, which in turn will affect the operation of your central air conditioner. Plus, your energy usage will increase drastically. Our experts recommend positioning the thermostat somewhere shady and accessible.

Seal Leaks and Cracks to Keep Conditioned Air Indoors

You should be cooling your indoors not the outdoors. With poor insulation, your home in Forney, TX will not achieve the level of comfort you want. Leaks and cracks on walls, windows, and doors cause the treated air to escape. If you feel like your home is not cooling, call our professionals to inspect your space to identify the leaks for greater energy efficiency.

Switch to Smart Thermostat

Are you still using the traditional type of thermostat? Maybe it is time for a change! A smart thermostat will regulate and monitor your indoor temperature a lot better. Plus, you can easily adjust the setting through your smartphone wherever you are. Upgrading your thermostat ensures you of greater savings because you will have better control of the temperature all day long.

Schedule a Regular System Maintenance

With the help of experts, you can keep an energy efficient and well-working central air conditioning unit. Get your system a regular tune-up or maintenance service as needed. Let our HVAC specialists look into your cooling system, examine each part and make adjustments or repairs if necessary. We will let you know the problems in the unit that need special attention and care after the inspection.

Need more money-saving tips with your cooling system at home? Our specialists at Premier HVAC Services, LLC will discuss all your needs in complete details. Contact us today!